INAIL™ Intelligent nail painting equipment
Frequently asked questions(FAQ)
  • Q1:Why select INAIL nail printer?
  • Q2:What's the principal element (key) to use INAIL nail printer?
About Nail Printer
  • Q3:How many models INAIL nail printer you have? What's the difference?
  • Q4:What about the Power Supply and Consumption?
  • Q5:Is there a warranty?
  • Q6:How can you enjoy after-sales service?
  • Q7:What's the function of the nail printer?
About Stained
  • Q8:Is it safe?
  • Q9:Is it health?
  • Q10:How long can the patterns keeps on hands?
  • Q11:How long time to paint one finger?
  • Q12:What's the cost to paint a pair of hands(10 fingers)?
  • Q13:The consumable items like "Base Color Coat","Pre-Print coat" and "Top coat" must be produced by SURED?